Do I need a Personal Accountant in Ireland?

Some of us often promise that we will hire a personal accountant in Ireland and accounting auditor at the right time. But,  most of us don’t realise when is the right time. We often think our business is still growing and don’t have many personal filings. But,  even if you believe that you have less income,  you must get in touch with a personal accountant so that he can help you save more…

There are numerous deductions and claims to help emerging people in business. You might not be aware of many of those or don’t know the correct format or time to file those claims. A personal accountant can be beneficial and be your pal throughout the financial year.

It becomes very overwhelming for business owners to manage during the tax season. A personal accountant makes sure that you are prepared for the tax season and have remitted the most appropriate pre-tax amount. A personal accountant adds a lot of value when it comes to documentation and handling finance.

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When should I hire a Personal Accountant?

If you need a personal accountant or not ultimately depends on your current situation and the challenges you are facing while dealing with your finances. A personal accountant can help you in dealing with a lot of financial stuff.

Personal Accountant

There are a lot of areas in which your personal accountant can help you:

  1. A personal accountant can help in reducing your tax liability.
  2. Prepare your loan applications to have a higher chance of getting shortlisted.
  3. Increase your cash potential to keep your operations and investments in place.
  4. Make sure that you make relevant investments to get returns.
  5. Preparing the financial statements for your firm in the correct format.
  6. Purchasing efficient and reliable retirement plans.
  7. Filling tax returns and tax deductions for you in the correct format.
  8. Keep track of your income and expenses.

Accountants are all completely aware of the update regularly made in the rules and regulations formulated by the Revenue team. Any amendments made in the tax rules and strategies affect each individual and business. There are many entrepreneurs to get caught up in the operations and scalability of the business. Once you see that you are unable to manage the company operations along with your personal finances,  this is a clear indication that you must hire a personal accountant.

Do I need a Personal Accountant?

  • For Entrepreneurs

You can assume a presume account to be a one-stop shop for solving all the queries and financial issues of young entrepreneurs and small business owners. If you have a personal accountant at the formation stage,  all your accounts will be in place from the grass-root level itself.

Suppose proper document creation and structuring of the financial transactions are done at the initial stage of the business. In that case, it becomes very easy to deal with the finances when the business is established. A postal accountant has a lot of legal exposure and understands your needs, and he can help you in evaluating different aspects of business such as mobility, tax advantages, and so on.

  • For Affluent Families

Another segment of the society that can benefit on a large scale from hiring a personal accountant is High-net-worth families. The managers of these families or the head of the family received a lot of bills and emails that might have some deadlines and require a lot of attention and instant response. The senior member of the family gets so busy that they don’t have much time left to spend with their family.

If they have a personal accountant,  they don’t need to worry much about their bill payments or to look after the cash flow. Most of the bill payments can be automated and verified by the personal account itself. The family can enjoy the serenity as a lot of the financial burden is relieved, and at the same time, their finances are in the hands of someone with expertise and knowledge.

  • For Real State Investors

People attractive real estate investors can benefit a lot from hiring a personal accountant. If they don’t have a personal accountant,  the major financial tasks, especially bookkeeping, are on the shoulders of the property owner. This can be quite wholesome,  as it becomes difficult to keep track of each and every investment that you make.

Your personal accountant can help you in dealing with the financial services such as maintaining a proper record of income and expenditures, filing taxes for you every year and estimating the task that you have to pay every quarter.  You can stay updated with the government compliance and rules,  even if you are quite occupied with the property repair and upkeep.

  • For Small Businesses

For small, newly established businesses or startups with only a handful of employees, a personal accountant with business-level expertise can help file taxes and record transactions. A personal accountant can contribute a lot to day-to-day activities such as opening a bank account, checking on government regulations or changes in tax law; they can even add a lot of value to the financial plan of a business.

Most importantly,  during the initial stages of the business, you won’t be lost, and you will always have someone you can look upon for clearing your finance-related queries. If you are willing to hire a CPA, they are even allowed to file taxes on behalf of the company.

Personal Accountant

Summing Up

You must make a note of all the red flags that indicate you must hire a personal account and now. The red flags basically mean that you are not able to manage the personal finance and business finance because of time constraints, you feel that there is a gap between your knowledge and the updated finance compliances, and you are making frequent errors for missing out on deadlines.

Once you realise the need for a personal accountant and looking out to hire an accountant, you don’t need to worry about the hustle of hiring the right candidate for the firm. We have got you covered! You can drop a message to us , and we can help you get a trustworthy and skilled accountant.